Buying Used Can Be The Wisest Move

Buying Used Can Be The Wisest Move ~

Money, Money, Money
A costly mistake many people make with their finances is buying everything new. If you make this your habit, you could be suffocating beneath a pile of unnecessary monthly bills very quickly. The way to get ahead financially and stay ahead is to budget well. This often means delaying high-dollar purchases for new items and instead choosing used items.

Clothing is something most people prefer new, but you can sometimes find new-looking used clothing, including designer brands, in some second-hand stores. Used clothes for infants and toddlers are often available, because they grow out of them so quickly. You can also find great deals on used sports and fitness equipment, computers, and furniture.

shiny red ford

Vehicles are another great example of how purchasing wisely can save you money, and in this case, big money. It can be tempting to buy cars or other vehicles, brand new, even when the price is thousands of dollars higher than if you buy them used. The average price of a new car is currently around $30,000 dollars. A brand new motor home runs over twice that amount. However, if you decide to buy the vehicle used, you can expect to spend less than half of those prices.

By opting for a used vehicle over a brand new vehicle, not only will you save by not having high monthly vehicle payments, you will save on insurance rates. New cars and other vehicles nearly always elicit a higher insurance rate than do used ones.

Gulf Stream Sun Voyager Motorhome, aka A Roadblock

This does not mean you will never be able to buy something brand new. What it does mean is by planning wisely now, you can still take care of your transportation or recreational desires while saving money for future new items. For example, if you have always wanted a motorhome for fun trips, you can start by finding used class B motorhomes. You will still get the trip you want, but without going into huge debt over it. The extra money you save by avoiding high monthly payments can go to other things, including money to set aside for a new, better motorhome in the future.

Buying used items does not mean you have to give up quality or performance. If you are not mechanically inclined, and do not trust yourself to fully judge the soundness of a vehicle, bring a friend with you who understands engines, or ask your own mechanic to check out the used vehicle before you buy it. While some used cars may be on their last leg, many are simply sold because their owner wants a different or newer car – it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the car’s performance.

Purchasing quality used items now, and pacing your budget, means a lot less stress and the chance to build up some savings. While most people are stressing over their $500 car payment and working just to pay off what they already owe, you can relax a bit and enjoy the extra peace of mind that your hard work and smart planning is creating.

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  1. I totally agree. Some things are better new and sometimes used is better – especially on MY budget!

  2. get post! thank you for sharing!

  3. Absolutely agree! My parents just bought a used RV this year and we’ve been camping like crazy out of the thing! We can afford to go camping because we bought it used! ;)

  4. what great advice. my mother bought her first new car when I was in college. I used to buy clothes for the kids second hand when they were younger but now we get hand me downs from cousins

  5. I love buying used items.

    We always get our cars slightly used and i love Plato’s closet for shoes/clothes!

  6. I love all the points you have made. We always buy used and have been very happy. We keep our vehicles longer than lost new buyers as well.

  7. I love saving money and buying used!

  8. I have three friends that bought used motor homes, they are beautiful. I love garage sales and can not wait for our fall one to come up for my neighborhood, I get a lot of Christmas stuff there (the little one does not care if toys are used).

  9. Emily Ploch says:

    I shop at Goodwill for clothes and find tons of barely used, name brand stuff.

  10. I love garage sales and just bought a used Bassett chair/loveseat thing for $25. Major score :)

    • Wow! That is a major score! Most of our living room furniture was used when we got it! We got one recliner off a friend for $10 at her yardsale, the other recliner was free because a neighbor was through with it and our couch was $5 at a yardsale {though we are looking to replace it}. It didn’t have much life left, but it was really funky and I thought it was well worth the $5. :)


      • People are looking to get rid of stuff for the end of the garage sale season. I bet you could score another recliner for cheap! I told my husband we’re not buying new until the kids are in college. They’ll just ruin it anyways! lol.

  11. Great post. I completely agree that buying used is the way to go for certain items, especially cars.

  12. I used to be one of those people who bought everything new. I hated having second hand stuff. Probably because my mother’s idea of cleaning out her house, is to send it all over to mine! But, in order to stay at home with my kids, buying used/second hand stuff can be a necessity. Especially with 3 kids who outgrow everything before it even looks used.