Celebrity-Inspired Tips For Getting Back To Your Best After Pregnancy #spon

Tummy Tuck and other Celebrity-inspired tips for getting back to your best after pregnancy ~


Most new mums are too preoccupied in enjoying their brand new bundles of joy to worry too much about their figures. However, the time will come when you want to get your body back to its pre-pregnancy best, and this time usually tends to coincide with the summer holiday season.

Belly dancing starts with the hips

Losing weight and getting back your figure after giving birth is not always easy, even though celebrity women who spring back into shape mere months after pregnancy can make it seem effortless. Although celebrities have access to personal trainers, private chefs, they do also have some secrets and tips that you can follow without spending a fortune.

Try these celebrity-inspired tips for shifting that pregnancy weight, before you consider getting a tummy tuck or any other cosmetic procedure to slim down your figure.




Actresses Debra Messing and Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as models Camila Alves and Heidi Klum, all credit breastfeeding as the reason for their rapid weight loss after pregnancy. Apparently, women burn up to 500 calories a day by breastfeeding, without the need to hit the gym.



YOGA! July challenge

Nearly all celebrity mums will admit to having tried yoga to get their figures back, and it seems to be tremendously effective. Everyone from Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon to Catherine Zeta Jones and Julia Roberts (who also gave Pilates a try) have used this gentle and very relaxing form of exercise to get back in shape after having a baby.

Yoga may not shed the pounds as rapidly as spending hours on cardio exercise in the gym will, but it is a fantastic way for new mums to get back into shape gently and naturally, as well as being very relaxing and good for your general well-being.


Plenty of protein

Saffron Chicken

Many celebrities, including Melissa Joan Hart, Gabrielle Reece, Kate Hudson and Catherine Zeta Jones, have revealed that along with brown rice, vegetables, steamed chicken and fish, they made sure they ate a good source of protein with every meal. This diet choice seems to be very effective at slimming down post-pregnancy bulges, without the need for tummy tuck surgery.


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  1. Great tips!

  2. Wow!! The food looks great in that place. My tummy area hasn’t been the same since having kids either.

  3. What a great article, I agree with breastfeeding helping a lot. I did that with both of my kids and it worked wonders.

  4. I breastfed my son for 14 months. I kinda miss having a nursling.

  5. Those are great tips, although the breastfeeding didn’t work for me. 🙁 I actually Gained MORE weight while breastfeeding. I was careful and watched what I ate, but in order for my milk supply to remain full, I had to really up how MUCH of everything I ate. If I decreased my quantities in hopes to start losing weight, my milk would almost vanish. So I kept the larger portions so I could have the milk needed to feed my baby, Which caused me to gain a good 20 extra pounds OVER my pregnancy weight before my daughter weened herself at 7 months.

    • Oh wow! Everyone is so different. I couldn’t produce milk to save my life. Perhaps I should have eaten more then, too.


  6. I’m with you on trying these methods rather than surgery! I still can’t figure out the yoga thing though, lol.

  7. I need to try these methods. I have some weight to lose!

  8. I am trying to lose weight now. However, my last child was born 6 years ago so I guess better late than never. Thanks for sharing!