Nutrisystem Nutriflakes For Breakfast Are Really Good + Nutrisystem Week 3 Results! #nsnation #spon

Nutrisystem Nutriflakes ~

Water with strawberry and lime slices. 🙂

On Friday I finished my 3rd full week of Nutrisystem. I am very excited to say that it has been my best week yet! I was able to drink all of the water everyday, something that took a little getting used to for me. I have also started putting lime in it. Yum. Today, I even added a cut up strawberry. If you are having a problem with drinking enough water, this might help you. Now, let me tell you about Nutrisystem Nutriflakes and Shrimp Alfredo.

The Nutrisystem Nutriflakes are so good 🙂

I like to share every week a little bit about some of the food that I especially like. If you are new to the program or thinking about enrolling, this might help you decide what to order. This week, I would like to talk about the Nutrisystem Nutriflakes. They are so good. If you are a fan of any kind of cereal with bran flakes {I have always preferred the taste of bran flakes to corn or rice} then you will probably really like Nutrisystem Nutriflakes.

I also really enjoyed the Shrimp Alfredo. I love Shrimp and really most any kind of seafood for that matter, and this meal was so good. One of my favorite local restaurants is a seafood restaurant and I was afraid that I might feel deprived not visiting this place as often. I had absolutely no idea that Nutrisystem would offer Shrimp Alfredo. Yum!

My coworker Sandra made a comment about my skin looking better this weekend. 🙂 I really think that the combination of losing a little weight and all of the water has already made a huge difference in me. I have lots more energy and I just feel better. My skin used to be really dry and I now use nowhere near as much lotion as I used to. I really just don’t feel like I need it anymore. My nails also have become shinier and longer. Who knew that losing a little weight could make such a huge difference so quickly?

I feel bad that I let my weight get this far out of control, but I feel very blessed that Nutrisystem is helping me be more {or less ;)} of the person that I would like be. The real me.

So how did I do on Nutrisystem this week?

Week 3 Total —> 2.1 pounds lost

Program Total —> 6.1 pounds lost

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Read more about my Nutrisystem story HERE!

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  1. The nutriflakes look yummy!

  2. Good for you on your progress!! I am a bad dieter but when I was exercising regularly I drank water (which I never do) and my skin was radiant! Thanks for reminding me of the fact that drinking water is very good for your complexion!

  3. Good luck on the journey! Shrimp Alfredo doesn’t look so bad!! Water can make a huge difference.

  4. I love BOTH of those entrees! I just got the Shrimp Alfredo this month for the first time…it is really divine isn’t it?

    Congrats on the success! Keep it up, you will be getting your Nutribear soon!!

    • I am so excited about getting a Nutribear. I hope to eventually get a few and line them up on my desk and take a picture for the blog. 🙂


  5. Paula Schuck says:

    Oh my that shrimp looks great!! I would live to try that!

  6. Emily Anne Ploch says:

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Amy Lynn Desrosiers says:

    Congrats on making a lifestyle change. ?I love my water flavored with lemon-never tried strawberries

  8. Katherine G says:

    The food looks delicious!!!

  9. Woo Hoo! You’re doing great! Keep at it and you’ll be amazed at how the weight just falls off! I loved Nutrisystem AND the foods!

  10. The meals look great! I could live on cereal, I’m sure I’d like the NutriFlakes!

    • I think I could, too! They have other types of cereal as well and I will probably try some others soon. I love bran flakes though, so I can’t imagine that I would like any of the others better. 🙂


  11. Glad to hear you are doing well. The cereal does sound perfect for someone who likes bran cereals and the strawberry in the water sounds refreshing. Glad to hear drinking all the water has helped you as well. I always notice a difference in how I feel in relation to how much water I drink.

  12. Congratulations on your progress! You are inspiring.

  13. Sarah Muennix says:

    Excellent progress hon – I have never had any luck sticking with something like this so it is nice to see when others are succeeding!

  14. The water looks so refreshing! 😉

  15. Sherry Compton says:

    Congrats on your progress. Drinking water is very good for you and important. Both of these foods sound good. I eat cereal most mornings and its nice to find healthy ones that taste good, too.