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Nutrisystem – Two Weeks Down –

Guess what! I just finished my 2nd full week of Nutrisystem! And, you want to know what is even better? I can now get through the 64 ounces of water daily without a problem. Oh, and my bladder never exploded! Haha! I also bought a couple of limes today so that I could cut them up and add them to my water. I think that might help me drink even more. I also want to share with you my thoughts on Nutrisystem Black Beans and Rice and Nutrisystem Golden French Toast!

Nutrisystem Black Beans and Rice

Okay, let me tell you a little more about some of the food that I have tried this week. 🙂 Today, for lunch, I had the Black Beans and Rice. If you like your food just a little spicy but nothing overpowering, I think this might be something you will really like. I know that I loved this particular dish and I will definitely be ordering it again.

Nutrisystem Golden French Toast

I also really enjoyed the Golden French Toast this week. I did not eat it as pictured. I just ate it plain. 🙂 It tasted just like any French Toast that I ever made. I think that next time I eat it, I will have it with coffee. You know, since I started Nutrisystem, I have drank NO COFFEE! It is allowed, I just haven’t had any. I generally have a cup a day. What else is funny is that I feel more awake now than I ever did before. I think all the water has made me feel much better. And I am even starting to notice a difference in my skin! It looks more hydrated and smoother. I would have never drunk that much water had it not been for Nutrisystem so thanks for that! 🙂

I have been eating a lot of Greek Yogurt {for the protein add in} and cottage cheese as I love both! I also have been buying veggies every few days and cutting them up and putting them in a big Tupperware bowl. So, everyone in the household can help themselves to a salad whenever they like! Today, my husband and I went to the store and bought Romaine Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, cucumber, radishes {bleh…those are for him}, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and green onions and made the “salad bowl” for the next few days. I also sometimes put spinach, celery and a few other varieties. We like to change it up. I find that if things are already cut up and it’s all nice and easy, then I am more apt to actually eat a salad. 🙂

So, how did I do this week?

Week 2 —> 2 pounds lost

Program Total —> 4 pounds lost

Yay!!! As long as the scale keeps going down – I am quite happy!

*I do have a question for the rest of you who are on Nutrisystem – I know that you can have whole wheat crackers. Anyone have a preference or brand that they like best? Anyone want to share any of their favorite Nutrisystem meals or favorite add ins?

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  1. This looks pretty good! I tried nutrisystem and it didn’t work for me, but I was at a different point in my life. I’m thinking about restarting my journey. good luck to yours!!

    • You definitely should, Maria. You definitely have to be motivated and ready for any kind of big change in life. Good luck!


  2. My brother and sister in law did very well on nutrisystem and lost weight but then they gained it back once they started eating regular food so be careful!! French Toast looks yummy..unsure about the black beans and

    • Yeah, I definitely hope I don’t gain it back! That would really stink! I am going to try my best to get it off and keep it off!

      I have to admit, I wasn’t convinced about the black beans and rice myself…but they are SOOOO GOOD!


  3. I love black beans so that would probably be one of my favorite dishes, too. That’s a great idea – having the veggies cut up and ready to eat – that always makes us much more likely to eat them if they are already prepped.

  4. I LOVE french toast! With food like this, I can see how you will easily be successful!

  5. I’ve been working on drinking more water, too. It can be hard at first. And I absolutely love black beans and rice. That looks delicious!

  6. You’re off to a great start with your diet! I am looking forward to following your success!

  7. Your results are amazing, you should be proud. I love black beans and rice, want to try theirs. I actually only get them from a Cuban restaurant because they are so good. Would love a healthier version to make at home.

  8. The beans and rice sound pretty good. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this program.


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