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Newman’s Own Organics Premium Pet Food Review

Do you love your little furry friends? Do you want your pets to have a healthy fulfilling life? Have you ever wondered what harmful ingredients those big-brand dog foods might have? Well, with Newman’s Own Organics Premium Pet Food, you don’t have to worry about that. They are USDA organic and actually care about your pet’s health. Whether you are a cat or dog lover, they offer foods for both!

In our family, we love cats and dogs alike. So, we got food for both! For our cats, some of the things we received are Chicken and Brown Rice Formula, Chicken and Salmon Formula, Organic Beef and Liver, Organic Beef, and Turkey. Our cats went crazy over these foods! They especially loved the Chicken and Salmon. Our cats reside outside, so their food is outside. The food must be good, because the other morning they had a little friend out there with them (another cat).

For our dogs, some of the things we received were Peanut Butter Dog Treats, Chicken and Brown Rice, and Chicken and Rice Snack Sticks. Our dogs also enjoyed these foods. This is saying something since our smallest dog is VERY picky when it comes to what he will eat. With Newman’s Own Organics Premium Pet Food, we don’t have to worry about whether he will like the food or not. They adored the Peanut Butter Dog Treats. We had previously purchased some peanut butter treats from the store (not Newman’s Own), and he wouldn’t eat them at all! So, we were surprised and delighted when we saw him chase after them!

Overall, we love the pet foods to choose from for cats and dogs from Newman’s Own Organics Premium Pet Food. Their site is easy to navigate and the prices are unbeatable! Our animals love the food, and I’m sure yours would too!

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  1. I learned that there are no poultry by-products in their dog food.

  2. I’m a dog person.

  3. Sherry Compton says

    We are a dog family.

  4. Sherry Compton says

    Their foods contain antioxidants for premium health benefits. Antioxidants aren’t just important for humans but for pets, too.

  5. Michele Henneman says

    I’m a cat person.

  6. Holly Thomas says

    95% Organic
    Grain Free!!

  7. Holly Thomas says

    I have a cat, but i love them both!!

  8. i’m a cat person, have 3 of them

  9. i learned their food is 95 % organic grain free

  10. I learned their food is 95% grain free, my charlie would love that!

  11. Amy Tolley says

    95% Organic
    Grain Free and its healthy and much better for your animals to eat…

  12. Amy Tolley says

    I am a cat person thanks…

  13. I’m both a cat and dog person. I love them both!

  14. I’m a dog person

  15. the food is 95% organic grain free

  16. They offer Organic pet food!

  17. I am definitely a cat person!

  18. Their products contain antioxidants.

  19. I’m a cat person!

  20. joannie sparks says

    Hi i am both and i have both cats and dogs. thanks Joannie

  21. Amanda Alvarado says

    I learned their pet food is 95% Certified Organic and is made from free-range beef

  22. Amanda Alvarado says

    I am both a cat and dog person! We have both here!

  23. Allison L. (Allie Lanc) says

    Both are great! We have 2 cats & 1 dog 🙂

  24. Newman’s products have really branched out. I always did like his items.

  25. I’m mostly a dog person!

  26. I learned its free of artificial dyes/colors 🙂

  27. Cats Rule but dogs are pretty fine too!

  28. I love all animals. And, I actually have both dogs and cats. They’re my babies! 🙂 (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  29. I love all animals!

  30. we’ve had both cats and dogs most of my life tho I like dogs Im allergic to inside cats

  31. 95% organic grain free the pet food is

  32. Michele P. says

    the food contains free range beef from Uruguay

  33. Michele P. says

    I like both cats and dogs!

  34. They have healthy organic treats too.

  35. I’m a dog person.

  36. The dog food nourishes the body of our dogs. They give them enough nourishment so that they could be full of energy.

  37. their products is 95% grain free

  38. i’m a dog person!

  39. krista grandstaff says

    They don’t allow poultry by-products.. nasty!!

  40. krista grandstaff says

    I am neither a dog or cat person… we have both here, and I get to be the one who takes care of all 5 of them… takes some of the fun out of it when I’m the one always on call for the gross stuff :)~

  41. While I love both dogs and cats, we have only kitties here.

  42. Their dog treats are made in New Zealand, & are 95% organic.

  43. i have both so they a ll got to get spiled

  44. Sherrie C. says

    I found out Newman’s Own pet products are 95% USDA Certified Organic and contains free-range beef from Uruguay


  45. Sherrie C. says

    I’m both a cat & dog person. I love both 🙂


  46. I didn’t even know that they had a cat food line.

  47. Proud cat person!

  48. I learned there’s no chemical or by products added

  49. totally a dog person and the proud mom of 2 goofy springer spaniels

  50. jennifer wexler says

    im a dog person

  51. caitlin tate says

    dog person and they offer organic foods

  52. I am a dog person

  53. Jenny Stanek says

    Much more of a dog person!

  54. Jenny Stanek says

    I learned there are no by-products put in!

  55. Proud to admit I am a cat person.

    95% organic and grain free- YAY!

  56. I knew it was incredibly healthy but I didn’t know it had such ingredients like: Kelp, Taurine, Fresh Parsely, Flax seed & so much more!

  57. I am a Crazy cat girl!

  58. The beef is FREE RANGE! YAAY!

  59. I’m a cat person, but I love dogs too. I just happen to have four cats and can’t afford to have a dog!

  60. gigi (gina p) says

    I learned that in the lab they do not test on animals, but they do have “taste tests” at the local shelters with dogs awaiting adoption.

  61. gigi (gina p) says

    I’m more of a dog person, but I love all animals!

  62. Diane Baum says

    They are 95% organic free

  63. I am a dog person for sure

  64. jennifer wexler says

    i learned that their products are 95% Organic
    Grain Free

  65. Jamie Martin says

    95% Organic

  66. Jamie Martin says

    Dog person!!

  67. Newman’s Own Organics organic pet food uses human grade and fit for human consumption ingredients such as natural chicken and organic grains.

  68. I am now a dog person after getting my sweetie dog Lucy.

  69. Paul T/Pauline T says

    dog person – – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  70. I’m a dog person and I learned there is NO Poultry by-products in this food

  71. Cathy Jarolin says

    I went to Paul Newmans site and was very plesantly pleased with the high quality of his dog food..Its all Organic
    I am going to try it for my 2 pugs . I think they will be much healthier…I love my pugs and i want them to be with me for a long time..:0)

  72. Cathy Jarolin says

    I am more of a Dog person.. I am not to fond of litter

  73. I learned that their hand crafted Ranch Style Dog Treats feature New Zealand organic lamb or organic beef.

  74. Candis Binkley says

    Cat, I have six of them.

  75. I learned that it contains Kelp!

  76. I am definitely a dog person, I am allergic to cats! I think cats are cute, I just cannot be around them.

  77. kelly goss says

    the food is grain free. if it says “beef” it’s really beef!

  78. kelly goss says

    we are owned by a 15 year old pug named Butch and a 5 year old cairn terrier/llaso apso named Buddy….we are definately doggy folk all the way!

  79. I’m a cat person and a dog person