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Daily’s Cocktails ~

Ah, summer. It’s coming to an end. As we move into fall and then to winter {brrr…} wouldn’t it be nice to hold on to a small piece of summer for just a little longer? I know I am, thanks to Daily’s Cocktails, with their frosty concoctions that make any day just a little better.

Peach Daiquiri and Pina Colada

I got to try out America’s Original Frozen Pouches so you can see just how easy it is to “Freeze, Squeeze and Enjoy” blender-style cocktails. My husband and I chose 4 amazing flavors. Peach Daiquiri {I got two of these because I love love love them!}, Frozen Lemonade, Margarita and Pina Colada. We already had a Strawberry Daiquiri in the freezer and wanted you to see it, too. I have to admit that all of these flavors are amazing as we have tried Daily’s once or twice {or a couple times more ;)} before, so this really isn’t a review exactly, just a nice reminder. :)

The wonderful cocktails come with the alcohol already inside. And yes, I know that not all of us are bartenders who can whip up fabulous fruity drinks in a snap. That is what makes Daily’s Cocktails so great! No mixing, no blenders, no mess! Just throw them in your freezer and let them chill for a few hours and then you are ready. Open the pouch and pour it in the glass. Voila! Instant party. :)

Savor the Flavor of Summer by trying Daily’s frozen pouches today! Also, be on the look out because coming in October, Daily’s will be offering some new, fabulous, seasonal pouches: Hard Cider and Spiced Sangria. Yum!

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Daily's Cocktails

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  1. I could use one of these right now!!!

  2. Mike W Davis says:

    we like the pina colada

  3. Mike W Davis says:

    Margarita, and the peach daiquiri sound good too

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    For other flavors, maybe hurricane or a tequila sunrise

  5. Sherry Compton says:

    the Maori Madness sounds good

  6. jeanette sheets says:

    yhe watermelon mojito

  7. jeanette sheets says:

    i love pina coloda , would like to see more of that

  8. I have a Pina Colada in my fridge and that’s the recipe I’d love to try. I’m glad I found your blog by liking the FB pages for another giveaway. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  9. Something that can be made with ice tea. Yum! :)

  10. I have heard these are good. I want to try them.

  11. I’d like to try the Cajun Mary. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. I’d like to see aMango Margarita. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. stephanie rowe says:

    a pomegranite flavor, and the recipe id like to try is the Sangria

  14. I’d like to try the Gin Thinny recipe. Thanks.

  15. I would like to make their Wine Fooler.

  16. Wow!! I love these…easy and cheap! Love them!!

  17. I’d like to try and make the Mango-rita.

  18. Mudslide.

  19. Nicole Clawson says:

    For a new flavor maybe hurricane or prickly pear

  20. Nicole Clawson says:

    The one I’d like to try is the pina colada

  21. Kathy Stuit says:

    Berry Bliss looks and sounds yummy and will definitely make this!

  22. Kathy Stuit says:

    I was going to say Sangria but I see they now have it. Would like blueberry or cranberry flavors added.

  23. Tami Valentine says:

    I’d love to have an ice tea with lemon flavor. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Tami Valentine says:

    I’d love to try this recipe:

  25. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    I would like to try the Strawberry Champagne Cocktail recipe :)

  26. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    I would like to see them come up with peppermint drinks for Christmas :)

  27. Karen Medlin says:

    would love to try to make the Bahama Mama Margarita

  28. Karen Medlin says:

    like to see something with Sweet Tea