Nutrisystem – Time For A New Me! #nsnation

Nutrisystem ~

I have decided that it is time for a new me. For months, I have spoken with many of my blogging buddies in the Nutrisystem Nation on their journey to better health. Like many other people, I need to lose weight. But, what I think I need most of all is a good support system. Having spoken with so many bloggers about their experiences with Nutrisystem, I believe that this is just what I am looking for.

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal

So, I am one of the lucky bloggers that will be taking part in the Nutrisystem Nation. Nutrisystem has kindly provided me with 4 months of the program so that I can not only review it for you guys, but also so that I can become a healthier, happier me! I have to say that I am really excited to start the program. I have been overweight for my entire life and I can’t wait to see how this program will work for me. I am excited to browse their website and learn all that they have to offer in expertise and support and about how I can lose weight and maintain that loss. Especially maintenance. I have lost weight before – but the maintenance is, of course, the most difficult part.

Chef’s Table Whole Wheat Ricotta Crepes

I hope that you all will join me on my journey – whether that be by joining Nutrisystem or by supporting me in reaching my goals. I will be updating this blog weekly with my results and speaking about my trials {I hope they are few} and about my triumphs {I hope they are many}.  :) I ordered my starter kit which includes my 1st month of food a few days and while I am patiently awaiting it’s arrival, I hope that a few of you will offer me some kind thoughts and perhaps check out Nutrisystem’s site for yourself. :) They even offer a money saving Nutrisystem family plan!

Double Chocolate Caramel Bar

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

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  1. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Good luck on your weight loss journey. I too need to lose weight, and being on my bum for most of the day doesn’t help! I wish you the best!!

  2. Best of luck with Nutri System. The food looks delicious especially the ricotta crepes!

  3. You are going to love the food…. I had a blast with this program. Good Luck!!!

  4. I need to cut the sugar from my diet. Thanks for the good reminder & good luck on your journey!!

  5. Good luck with your fitness quest. That oatmeal looks really good! One of my favorite breakfasts.

  6. I’ve been hearing such awesome stuff about Nutrisystem!!
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! :)

  7. I have yet to see anyone fail on their system. You can do this, and clearly you’ll be eating deliciously along the way!

  8. Good luck on your journey!

  9. Emily Ploch says:

    Good luck! I’ve always wanted to try Nutrisystem.

  10. Sarah Muennix says:

    Good luck on your weight loss hon!

  11. Can’t wait to start reading about your journey. Good luck!