Newman’s Own Organics {Sponsored Review}

Newman’s Own Organics Review ~

I don’t know about you, but I sure am a lover of sweets. I also adore all things that are organic. If you put these two together, you could get the perfect match….right? That’s exactly right! Well, Newman’s Own Organics is the perfect way to get this combination of excellence! Not only do they offer sweets, but they also offer organic coffee, organic pet food, a guide to a good life, treats, and snacks.

Although my favorite things to choose from are the sweets (of course!), Newman’s Own Organics offers other food choices such as figs, popcorn, tea, mints, licorice, coffee, dried fruit, hermits, pretzels, cookies, and much more! So, as you can see, you can enjoy your favorite foods-the healthy version!

The only difference is that it is healthier and safer on our depleting environment.

One of the tastiest things I tried were the Chocolate Cups. They were absolutely delightful! They were so good that they were one of the first things gone (tasty stuff doesn’t last long in our house)! Another great thing that I couldn’t get enough of were the organic peppermints! I loved them so much and my friend’s little brother did too! Another favorite in my house was the licorice! My mom loved those especially. She said that she liked them all but she especially loved the Cherry and Apple flavors.

Although I am not a lover of licorice usually, all the different flavors tempted me! When I finally did try them, they were so delicious! Let’s just say, that I ended up eating more than one! One thing I love doing with the licorice is cutting it in half and using it as a straw in fun drinks such as soda! This makes drinking a soda fun and tasty!

Also, they have another scrumptious treat that I loved a lot. These were the Ginger Snap Family Recipe Cookies. I usually don’t like cookies if they haven’t just come out of the oven (because I don’t like cookies that are hard), but I loved these. The reason for this is that, instead of being hard, they are soft and chewy! And they tasted so fresh!

Altogether I would say that I love Newman’s Own Organics! All their organic foods are delicious, and I love that they have a variety to choose from!

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  1. Jenny Stanek says:

    What I love about Newman’s Own is you can stock your entire snack cabinet with every type of snack just from their brand alone. And you can feel good about eating them! I have never heard of the Chocolate Cups, but after your review I think I need to eat them!

  2. mmmm sounds delicious AND better for you! Thanks for the review 🙂

  3. That all sounds awesome – I am hungry now! 🙂

  4. Those chocolate cups definitely sound good – especially the peppermint one I see the picture. mmm!

  5. I didn’t know they made so many different types of snacks! The chocolate sounds awesome!

  6. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    So rare for me to find nutritious foods that my family enjoys! We love Neman’s Own Organic products especially the Fig newmans!

  7. suan hartman says:

    This company never ceases to amaze me. What a selection of products. Plus everything I’ve tried is really ggod.

  8. i really like their products; that chocolate looks amazing!! i love that the products are organic.

  9. I love Newman’s Own! Everything looks extremely delicious.

  10. Oh….I just love Newman’s Own products! Yum!

  11. We love Newman’s Own products. Absolutely delicious!

  12. This was a really thorough review. I’ll have to go and see if they have any vegan products (:

  13. It’s nice to see such a wide variety of products that a family will actually enjoy that are not only nutrious but not harmful to the environment. Thank you for the review and introducing these products to people.


    I love Newmans organic licorice

  15. thanks for providing a link to see if i can buy products locally….nope! how disappointing.

    • Oh no! Perhaps they will start selling them somewhere near you locally soon. You could always ask your local grocer to start carrying these products. 🙂


  16. I love Newman’s Own products. I already exclusively buy salad dressings and pasta sauce from them, but CHOCOLATE!?!?!?! I am too stoked. I have to find those cups!

  17. Sherry Compton says:

    I was really interested in their cookies and chocolate cups, but now you have me thinking about the licorice too. What fun flavors!

  18. patricia Mohl says:

    Thanks for the insight of all their products. Our family loves their pasta sauce who knew the had so many product I love already.

  19. Debra Gaswint says:

    Great review! I didn’t know they made licorice or hard candies like mints! But what is a Hermit?

    • The hermits are cookies that tasted a lot like molasses in my opinion. They were SO good! We snarfed them down real fast, lol!


  20. wow you received a wide selection of goodies!!

  21. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    I had the opportunity to try several Newman’s Organic Products and I was soooo impressed! When I though of licorice, I though “hmm, i dunno about that” but it was seriously the best licorice I ever had. And the Fig Newman’s…don’t get me started on them!

  22. Tracy Awalt Juliano says:

    I’m really impressed that they offer such a wide variety of products. For whatever odd reason, I always kind of assumed they offered just salad dressing and maybe one or two other things. I had no idea there was a whole world of Newman’s Organics out there. Pardon me while I go crawl back under my rock now…

    • That’s part of the reason for the review – to introduce you to things you may not be aware of. 🙂 No need to crawl under a rock, lol. 🙂


  23. Marti Parks says:

    I love Newman O’s, but they have so many other items that I want to try, especially the dried fruit and the pretzels.

  24. Debbie Welchert says:

    You’ve made everything sound so good that I want to try it all. The different flavors of licorice my grandchildren would love. I want some of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups, cookies, cranberries…I just can’t decide.

  25. I’d love to try the chocolate cups 🙂

  26. Oh my god, I would love to try the chocolate. Everytime I journey into the organic sweets isle in the grocery store, things are always so incredibly expensive. Sometimes $4 just for one tiny bar of chocolate! Free would be most appreciated.

  27. Margot C says:

    I did not know about half of these offerings (so thanks!). I figure if I’m going to have treats like chocolate I should have the organic chocolate; have you read the ingredients on an ordinary chocolate bar ::bleh::

  28. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    All these foods sound like great treats. I usually don’t eat licorice,but I’d try these

  29. We are huge newman’s fans in my family … we send lots of their stuff to school for snacks!

  30. Judy Gregory says:

    would love to get some of the mints for my roomie. she eats tons of them and is poisoning herself with all the artificial stuff

  31. I have always loved Newman’s Own products! Their cookies are delicious!

  32. Carmen Lebron says:

    It is awesome for me to find some delicious snack that are also healthy..Will definitely try these snack as well

  33. Kelly Crow says:

    Who knew they made so many delicious products! yum

  34. You did a great job reviewing all the different products.


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