Mohawk Rugs {Sponsored Review}

Mohawk Area Rug Review ~

Who doesn’t love rugs? They bring such life into your home while also making your home warm and comfy. Rugs also help to protect your hardwood and laminate flooring. Recently I was given the opportunity to review Mohawk Rugs.

Watch this video to learn more about Mohawk and their company’s philosophy.

Here is what my floor looked like before I received my beautiful rug from Mohawk. Although I like our tile, it could definitely use some spicing up. I love neutral and earth tones, but it is nice to have some color, too.

The rug I chose is the Mohawk Home 5×8 Multicolor Select Strata Area Rug. I love that this rug is a large size that takes up a good part of the floor in my kitchen, where we decided to use it. We were going to put it under our table and chairs at first, but after seeing the rug, we decided that it was much too pretty to cover up with our table and chairs.

This rug is 5’x8′ and made in the USA. The majority of area rugs that I have seen come with either flowers patterns, geometric designs or Middle Eastern patterns. Though all of these patterns are beautiful, they do not really fit with the theme of our home. Our home has a beach motif, and this rug brings in a lot of the colors of the ocean, the sand, etc. It makes me feel beachy!

That is one of the things that I really love about Mohawk. They have all types of rugs to suit every taste. Their rugs come in vibrant, rich colors. And these rugs are super durable, to stay beautiful for years to come.

Mohawk also offers lots of sustainable products.  They offer EcoCotton bath rugs that use wool that would otherwise end up wasted in a landfill. Their Karastan wool woven rugs are made of natural fibers that are fully biodegradable. Mohawk also makes use of recycled fibers and rubber in many of their products. I love a company with a conscience. How about you?


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  1. chelesa sims says:

    what a beautiful rug. You made a great choice.

  2. What a gorgeous rug you picked! Thanks so much for sharing this site and the great deal. Would love to have the option of picking my own beautiful rug!

  3. Great choice! Rug looks pretty enough to hang on the wall…
    ~Vonnie at

  4. You made a lovely choice with the rug you choose for your kitchen 🙂

  5. I have 2 area rugs that I use and one is a Mohawk. With 12 small grandchildren and daycare I love the rugs especially to protect the carpet. I am in need of new rugs.

  6. Christine White says:

    That Strata rug is beautiful and a big improvement on your floor.

  7. Danielle Ring says:

    The rug you picked isn’t one I would have picked but it is an AMAZING rug! Looks like a painting on your floor 🙂

  8. The colors on the rug you chose are gorgeous! Plus they would hide dirt well, which with my kids, is a MUST.

  9. i love the rug you picked! its amazing how a rug can change the feel of a room! i have been wanting to get a mohawk rug now for awhile cause i see tons of reveiws on them but its a huge purchase to me cause their cheapiest area rug is like $140$ and thats a big investment to me cause im on such a fixed income but its so hard cause some of them are so beautiful and when i see the awesome one u picked *its one that i like and have seen on the website* and when i see it not as a stock photo but in someones actual house it makes me wanna get one even mroe!!!

  10. Thomas Murphy says:

    They have really nice looking rugs and lots of variety to choose from

  11. Melissa Stoneback-Tuttle says:

    I love the color scheme you chose for your rug. Thanks for the review, it was helpful 🙂

  12. Jessica Snow says:

    I love the rug you picked out. It reminds me of a painting. =)

  13. What awesome rugs. One would make a great addition to our home. I do like the pattern you chose.

  14. I love the colors in the rug that you chose. I’ve been wanting a rug for our dining room for quite a while now but the price of the nice ones is just not in our budget. These rugs are not only beautiful but also durable.

  15. Devona Fryer says:

    I love that you chose the Mohawk Home 5×8 Multicolor Select Strata Area Rug. It looks like a really cool painting and I love the colors too!

  16. Donna George says:

    My house is a lot like yours with the beach theme. This rug would be perfect.

  17. Their rugs are so beautiful.

  18. Shannon M Gallagher says:

    That rug you chose is beautiful, great choice! I have loved Mohawk rugs for ages now!!

  19. Joy Person says:

    Love your choice!!! I love Mohawk area rugs….our very first area rug was a Mowhawk and I loved it!

  20. Wow!! Great looking rugs!! Thanks for the review 🙂

  21. sharon winne says:

    You made a good choice for the rug you chose! the colors are very beachy! the rug has a nice textured look to it. Good choice!

  22. Maggie N King says:

    The rug is beautiful

  23. Lisa Welch says:

    Mohawk has a wide variety of patterns and solids for everyone’s tastes. I used to sell them when I worked for home depot.

  24. I love that rug and the fun colors! I have one Mohawk rug and I love it.

  25. rebeka deleon says:

    i love their rugs. i would choose one to brighten up my living room some more.

  26. Shonda Borden says:

    Great review! Love the rug!!!

  27. love the rug! and went and looked at other ones on the target site…great variety of prints & sizes

  28. amy marantino says:

    i am impressed with this product. The timing of this review is helpful as i am in the need of a new rug and am just beginning to consider my options. I like that Mohawk is made in the USA.

  29. nice rug!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. What a striking rug. I didn’t know that Mohawk worked in such bold and modern styles.

  31. I love the rug you chose! If I win one, I may choose the same one since I need a new rug in my living room and those colors are perfect! Thanks for the great review!

  32. Thanks for your great review of these rugs. It is nice to know somethings are still made in the USA! I love the colors in your rug choice!! Thanks for sharing. Great review!!

  33. I love the rug you chose. If I were to win,I’d choose the same!

  34. Alicia Ponce says:

    The rug is gorgeous

  35. Mike W Davis says:

    The natural colors are great and all eco friendly–Im going to be checking into the bath mat rugs

  36. The colors you chose for the rug go great with your tile floor! It adds a splash of color. I love playing with color. It’s so fun!

  37. LETTY GORECKI says:

    I love it! The rug (Mohawk Home 5×8 Multicolor Select Strata Area Rug) is more than a rug; it is a conversation piece! Beautiful!

  38. I like this one, too; it would be perfect for my parents’ place!

  39. michelle warner says:

    great review, that rug is amazing

  40. Cathie Shane says:

    You picked such a beautiful Rug! Mohawk is the way to go if you are buying a new rug. They always have such a great variety and you can match your rug to any room you are decorating.

  41. love the rug. love the colors.

  42. Debbie Welchert says:

    They do have beautiful rugs. My favorite part is that they are made in the USA. The rug in your kitchen looks very nice.

  43. The rug you picked reminds me of a canvas painting. Very Nice! I am glad to hear Mohawk is using recycled fibers and natural fibers that are fully biodegradable in their new products.

  44. I love the rug you picked. I really like the pattern and all the different colors. I also love that they use recycled materials!

  45. Karen Propes says:

    Thanks for the great review, love the colors in the rug you picked. It looks like it would brighten up any room.
    I like you love Mohawk rugs, don’t have one but love that the company puts a lot of thought into being green and make them in the USA.

  46. Sarah Thompson says:

    Love the rug you picked!! it is beautiful!

  47. I love the Mohawk Home 5×8 Multicolor Select Strata Area Rug too! I never heard of this company before these reviews and giveaways but now i’m in love! They not only look great but are made of quality materials that are green. And the icing on the cake, is that a company in the USA 🙂

  48. Jenny Stanek says:

    The rug you picked is absolutely gorgeous. I love that they have such a large collection so you don’t just get stuck with boring old rugs, you can really get something to suit your own personal tastes!

  49. Wendi Scharrer says:

    Good choice! Very versitile with all the colors. I also really like your floor color!!! 🙂 I am also a earth tone kinf of gal! I am familiar with Mohawk rugs and the are very durable, great for heavy traffic areas!

    • Thanks a bunch! Basically everything in my home is earth tones! I don’t think my husband cares what color things are, so I get to pick!


      • Wendi Scharrer says:

        We are (very) recent empty nesters and plan on down sizing in the next year. I have been putting items away for the occassion, all earth tones. 🙂 My Husband is the same way! We are lucky gals!

        • Amen to that {about the hubbies}! My daughter is 15 so I will be an empty nester in a few short years myself. I dread it and look forward to it at the same time – it is very conflicting! Lol!


  50. The one you chose goes beautifully with your floors …it seems Mohawk has styles for so many tastes! I know there are many in their catalog that would fit perfectly with my decor.

  51. I would really love to win a Mohawk rug. I have seen Mohawk rugs featured on a few different blogs and they seem like really good quality beautiful rugs.

  52. I would love to win a rug from Mohawk Rug

  53. I live 1/4 of a mile from the gulf of mexico and would def pick this rug too..

  54. cindy hoover says:

    The rug you choose is beautiful! Thx for sharing ir review! It was helpful . I hope i get the chance to pick out a rug that is as pretty as yours is!

  55. kelly goss says:

    you picked a beautiful rug~ the colors are just great, and i agree that it’s beachy!

  56. I love all the variety, the colors, the patterns, and the fiber cuts. If you can’t find a Mohawk rug that you like then you don’t really want a rug

  57. Johnetta Dawson says:

    I love the rug you picked out. It almost looks like a work of art.

  58. Clare Blakeslee Toll says:

    I love the colors in this rug!

  59. great review! I like the fact that these rugs are still made here in the USA and that they also have a greenworks division which uses recycled products and green items to boost awareness and help the environment.

  60. the rug has differnt color so you can match every thing with it wow

  61. Your rug looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  62. Very Good Review and Nice Rugs.


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