Childish Behavior – How Silly Are You? #ChildrensHospitalDVDS3 SP

For those of you that have seen Childrens Hospital, you know that these doctors are silly! Especially Owen and Ritchie who love to cut up and act like children. As you might imagine, this makes many of the children feel better {and perhaps annoys some – you know how kids are, haha}.

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I know that I have had, seen and heard about my share of silliness, as well! My daughter is 15 so she doesn’t really love me acting like a child anymore, though I did plenty of it when she was younger. Now, I have a chihuahua who I ALWAYS speak to in baby talk. He loves it. I call him “puppy” and give him smooches all the time. No, not on the mouth. My name isn’t Magda. He is my baby! As I write this, he is sitting behind me in my chair. No, I am not holding him hostage. He climbs on my shoulder {I guess he thinks he is a parrot} and jumps down my back. Every. Single. Time. Crazy dog!

When my husband was in his 20s, he went to a park near our home and he was introduced to sand shovels. You know, just those little shovels you dig with, nothing special. Since he had never had the opportunity to play with any as a child *gasp* he promptly went over and played with them! Hahaha! We were not married then. Too bad, I would have loved to have seen the look on the children’s faces when they saw this almost 6 foot man plop down in the sand.

One of our friends took my husband’s sis to the prom, years ago, and when he come to pick her up for the prom he found a big surprise. That big surprise being my husband and his sis’s dad in the top of a tree. I so can’t imagine him climbing a tree now! I think that would have been hilarious to have seen him up in that tree – and to see the look on the guy’s face! The suitor had never met my father-in-law before. Most parents take pictures of their kids for prom or help them get ready. Not my father-in-law! Haha! What a way for an introduction.

Have you ever done anything silly just for the heck of it? Not as a child, but as an adult? What did you do? 

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“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Childrens Hospital.”

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  1. I need to see this show, I hear it’s hilarious! Funny stories! 😉

  2. Since having a child, I’d say my silliness factor has gone way up. I make faces at him just for the fun of it, sing random songs, and act goofy all the time.

  3. This looks like such a fun show. I will definitely have to check it out!

  4. This show sounds great. As for silliness, in that area, hubby and I still haven’t grown up, and I am not sure we ever will.

  5. Ok, I know this isn’t too silly, but the other day I was at a Dish co-workers house and I got the strangest urge to go swimming the second I saw his pool. So next thing I know I am running at it full speed, and jump in fully clothed! Sometimes silliness is a good thing, as Children’s Hospital shows us. I really like this show, but not many older people get to watch it because it comes on so late. Thankfully we just got a Hopper, and I can just set the timer to record. That way I can watch it the next day getting ready for work, and I love how I can pause it in my room and start it again in the kitchen.

  6. i have not seen this yet but i think i like ti