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Chicken Soup For The Soul – Messages From Heaven ~

While reading Chicken Soup for the Soul’s “Messages from Heaven”, I found that the stories in this book really catch your attention. They are interesting and unique. Although these aren’t the type of stories that I can read back to back  as they can be quite sad at times, they are great to read one or two a day (I might also add that the stories are short and easy to read).

When I first started reading this book, I already knew that these stories were the types of messages that people really connect to (at one point I even caught myself close to crying and not able to stop reading). Although the stories in this book are written by people who have lost a loved ones, many of them are also very uplifting. They help you to see that losing someone doesn’t have to be such a terrible thing. You can always look on the positive side and realize that your loved one perhaps has far more in store for them than we might ever be able to imagine and that the same may possibly be true for you, as well. These stories are written by people who have found comfort in the signs they feel they have received from loved ones who have passed and this has brought them comfort.

These stories talk about people who had to struggle with the death of someone close to them. In the end though, they see the brighter picture in death because they feel that the departed souls sent them messages or signs or other things of that nature. I would recommend this book to many. It really helps to put death in a different perspective and light and it could very well bring you peace in times of great sadness.

On a lighter note, If you aren’t interested in these sometimes tear-jerker stories, Chicken Soup also offers many other books on many other topics that help you with just about anything that life has to throw at you. Real stories from real people – that is what I like best about Chicken Soup For The Soul.

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  1. I love reading stories like this. I’ll have to see if I can buy this on my Nook.

  2. Love these books! Thanks for posting:)

  3. Jennifer Clay says:

    I love these books! This one sounds like it would be a really great book to read!

  4. Katherine G says:

    I love these books. I haven’t bought one in awhile though.

  5. Oh gosh, this book makes me sad too Amber.

  6. Alfredo Ramiro says:

    I think, it’s very interesting book. So, of course I’ll try to collect it for read. Thanks for your nice informative post.

  7. There are so many versions of Chicken Soup for the Soul!

  8. Sarah Muennix says:

    What a special book for someone grieving – hope this will help people deal with their loss.

  9. Wow!! this looks like amazing book!! So glad something like this is out there!!

  10. I definitely love these books and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. We gave a fairy variety of the Chicken soup for the soul books, but I haven’t heard of this one. They are always so uplifting and make you feel great after reading them. Sometimes though I get way too many tears.

  12. I remember reading different Chicken Soup books when I was younger! I hadn’t heard of this one, but it looks really nice, thank you for sharing!

  13. Mike W Davis says:

    My wife, she loves these books,She always one by our bed, and one in the car, I can’t figure why its in the car.Then she shares them with her girlfriends

  14. My family lost my little sister unexpectedly at the age of 23 last summer. I think I’ll be checking out this book!

  15. I have about four of their books and they really are inspirational and interesting reads. This one would be fascinating, I think.

  16. I tend to enjoy the uplifting ones more, but life is all about balance, so it’s good they have these more bittersweet stories out there as well!

  17. shanon hyatt says:

    I love “Chicken Soup For The Soul books” I love books that our spiritual and such.Thanks for sharing this review.

  18. Amber Nara says:

    I would be really happy to read this and add it to my collection 😉

  19. Jessica Snow says:

    I love to read things like this. They’re so inspiring and uplifting.

  20. Chicken Soup for the Soul are very popular books. This one will make a great read for anyone who is dealing with the grief of a loved one. It will especially help me to as you get older alot more of your friends and family pass away. This also would be a good book for my one friend to read at she still is having a hard time of her brothers passing years ago. Hopefully this will help her deal with the gfrief. I will suggest she read it.

  21. i love chicken soup for the soul books…………….

  22. Chicken Soup for The Soul are very good books and so many of them to pick from. This surely is one that I would read even if it is a tear jerker. I have loved ones whom are gone . I like books about heaven as I feel closer to them somehow. One of my friends have a hard time dealing with the death of loved ones , this may help her. Thanks for the review

  23. natalie parvis says:

    Their books have never disappointed me. I would love to read this one as well.

  24. I never read any of these books but it looks like they have great topics that they write about

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  25. desiree says:

    i have gotten soem the chicken soup book and then they are great gook i gaove one to the gf with grand kis who were brats

  26. I love Chicken Soup for the Soul. I would love to read this book. Right now I am reading Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Angels Among Us so this would be a perfect book also. I love to read tear jerkers and books that make you see the bigger picture. Thank you for your amazing review.

  27. Marcia Lee says:

    I have read some Chick Soup for the Soul books and liked them. Though stories about the death of loved one’s are sad, it is always a blessing to see God working through difficult circumstances to comfort & show His love to people who need what only He can offer.


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