Sleepy Puppy! #WordlessWednesday

This is what goes in the recliner beside me while I blog. Almost all day, everyday..if he isn’t sleeping beside me, he is sleeping somewhere else! Pitiful, isn’t it. :P

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Dawn is a full time lifestyle blogger that runs the ship that is Cheap Is The New Classy. She loves to do home decor and DIY projects, organize stuff, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and travel. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, Jay, teen daughter, Amber, and too many furry {and not so furry} friends to count.


  1. Cute, love the curled up sleepy dog look!

  2. Too cute! Not a bad blog partner. ;)

  3. Awww… it’s like you have a built in heater!

  4. How precious! I want to snuggle!

  5. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    So Cute!

  6. Shhh….what is puppy dreaming of?

  7. So cute! My dog does the same, although she’s a bit bigger and takes up a lot more room!

  8. Such a cutie! My Daisy loves to cuddle with me all day, too!

  9. Man, to have the life of a puppy!!

  10. Jennifer Clay says:

    Awww. how cute!

  11. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing! He is a total cutie :)

  12. Shelley P says:

    Love sleeping puppy pics! So cute!

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