Nation’s Biggest Fake Coupon Ring Busted In Phoenix!

The three women were busted with millions of dollars worth of fake coupons in their home. One of the women had over $25 million in one of her bank accounts. They also had an arsenal of weapons and several vehicles! Sheesh!

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  1. WOW!!!

  2. I hate this, it makes couponers look bad. I love my coupons, but am very picky about following the rules. I feel horrible when I mistakenly have an extra one in my stack and am glad the cashier catches it. I could not imagine knowing I was doing it wrong.

  3. I saw this a few days ago & kept thinking this is exactly why Walmart gives me the evil eye when using free item coupons. It make the rest of us look bad. At least the caught the people.

  4. I can not believe that the people running this business even had a “wall of shame” section listed on their website. Really!?!

  5. Emily Ploch says:

    This is so incredible! I can’t believe people have the guts to do this kind of thing. Have fun in prison ladies!

  6. Geez, you might have thought they were running a drug ring with all those guns! I guess fraudulant coupons are just as bad though

  7. Not surprised at all… one of those women sold on EBay for many many years and all she did was keep changing her seller ID. EBay was told they were fakes.

  8. That’s awful, and as the previous comments said—it makes couponers look bad.

  9. Jennifer Clay says:

    I was actually reading about this yesterday! This is down right crazy! It is people like this that makes couponing so hard for honest couponers. :/

  10. Ok… fake coupons aside.. they had an ARSENAL OF WEAPONS!!! 3 women with an arsenal of weapons and millions in fake coupons. Please someone in Hollywood pick this up!

  11. Patty A says:

    Wow that’s crazy!

  12. It is people like this that make it harder for the rest of the couponers.

  13. Hey from Dealy Os! This makes me so mad; I’m so thankful they were caught but I wish they wouldn’t give couponers a bad name!