Finally! Coupons For Canadians!

Now, I know that most of you realize that I am not a Canadian. I am from the US {in case you didn’t}. However, I feel like our friends to the north get left out on so many things. For instance, it seems like residents of Quebec get the shaft on most of the good sweepstakes. Well, I can’t help much about national sweeps, but how about some free coupons for Canada residents? has awesome coupons for just about anything I could find. For instance, I don’t know about you, but I really love Bedhead products. I was pleased to see that one of their featured coupons on the front page is for Bedhead – along with lots of other styling products for those that prefer other brands! They also have this nice section where they have rounded up the Top 50 deals online just for you! What a time saver! I am a firm believer in one stop shopping! Imagine how great this will be at Christmas! Who has time to search the internet all day looking for deals when someone else can do it for you!

They also have great deals for Sport Chek products. At Sport Chek, Canadians can get quality sports equipment and clothing at great prices! You can save even more by getting your coupon codes first at and then going shopping {either in person or online}. If you are like me, every penny counts. I definitely don’t want to waste a dime because I didn’t know there was a nice deal to be had! So, grab your coupon codes and get to saving your cash so that you can spend it on more important things, like vacation!

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  1. That is great!! I have a friend in Canada and she never gets in on any deals.

  2. I’m not Canadian, but I am a blogger, and I feel bad that my Canadian readers are excluded from so many deals I find..I’ll check this site out, hopefully I can use it to find some good ones for them!