Cool Tees And Accessories For The Entire Family At Happydipcreations! {Sponsored Review}

Happydipcreations ~

Today we received the cutest and funniest things in the mail! We ordered a shirt, bag, and doggy shirt off of Happydipcreations. This website sells many cute and hilarious products for people with a great sense of humor!

One of the things we ordered is a hilarious, yet alluring shirt for our dog that says “I Bite Ugly People”. When we saw this, we laughed and laughed! Now, at this moment, our dog (a Chihuahua) is wearing the shirt and we keep making jokes about it! Even though the shirt is humorous, it also works for keeping your loving dog and/or puppy nice and warm.

Another product we got is a charming bag that says “WARNING: Little Gremlins Inside”. My family absolutely loves the movie “Gremlins”, so when we saw this we knew we had to have it! Not only is the tote bag cute and alluring, but it is also eco-friendly; which is great, because it is helping to save our environment!

So, as you can tell from our comedic items that we selected, this website caters to many different types of humor for dogs and humans! Some of the doggy shirts say funny things such as: “Flea Magnet” and “Don’t blow in my face unless you are trying to save my life”. Some of the baby shirts say things like: “My evil twin did it”, and “Poop… coming to a diaper near you”! Some of the adult shirts include sayings such as: “Facebook… the only legal way to hide someone”, and “My voices are funnier than yours”.

So, as you can tell, this website has many clever items to choose from for ANYONE in the family! Why wear the same old boring attire when the whole family can be laughing all day over their entertaining attire! Trust me, when you go out, you will have so many people asking you where you got your wonderful outfits! I would definitely recommend this to just about anyone!

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  1. How cute!

  2. Too cute! I wonder if they make doggie shirts big enough for a 90 lb chocolate lab! Can’t wait to check it out.
    Have a great Monday.

  3. So cute! I need to check them out. My dog doesn’t have nearly enough clothes.

  4. My little Chihuahua (Missy) likes to stay warm with shirts and sweaters in the winter. Especially when it’s time to go outside.

  5. How cute is that. I am glad I am not the only one that dresses my dog.

  6. Christina Graham says

    LOL! What a funny shirt and such a cute little dog. The bag is also pretty cool…I would need that saying on my car when I travel with my kids.

  7. Kathy Ross says

    Some of the sayings are really cute!

  8. Aww your dog looks so cute all dressed up.

  9. I love it! My Mom’s dog has an entire wardrobe! I will have to pass this along to her 🙂

  10. These are so cute! Thanks 😀

  11. Jenny Stanek says

    I think these shirts are hilarious, what a riot!

  12. kelly goss says

    I love that shirt!! I have a little cairn terrier that has a bit of an attitude problem and that “i bite ugly people” is just his style!!

  13. This is adorable!! I’m loving the geekalicious shift. Great review!!

  14. Emily Ploch says

    haha I love the Gremlins bag!

  15. These look like fun! Thanks for the great review. I love the dog shirt you picked out 🙂

  16. Stephanie H says

    I love the saying on your dogs shirt. I love that they make clothing for pets. I know a cat that loves clothing and this may have to be a gift for her

  17. Jennifer Clay says

    Awww! That is the cutest dog! I love his little shirt!

  18. Kelly A. Tanner says

    The baby shirts are TOO CUTE! I want them!!

  19. Kelly A. Tanner says

    I like the Women’s My voices are funnier than yours… shirt! Awesome!

  20. i have a pom and would love that for hime he wear it

  21. Jan Messali says

    Their shirts are really fun. I love the one that says, “I dream about working out. Does that count as exercise?” LOL!!

  22. I love the doggie shirt! That’s awesome and hilarious at the same time 😉 I’ll have to check this site out and see if they make bigger ones for my two pitties.

  23. Julie O'Brien says

    I love funny shirts, this is a site I will deff. keep bookmarked.

  24. Lauren guilbeau says

    Very cute i need one for my dog charlie!

  25. Betsy Barnes says

    So cute! I love the Gremlin bag 🙂

  26. Michelle E Dunne says

    Such cute pics! love the gremlin bag too 🙂

  27. Michelle says

    I loved the `Gremlins` as well.
    The bag is just adorable.

  28. Those dog shirts are so cute and funny and I’m ready to go out and get a dog just so I have someone to wear them.

  29. Kelly King says

    I love the dog shirt it is to cute

  30. Alexandra Roach says

    The gremlin bag is cute!

  31. amy marantino says

    this is a cool site. i like shirts that make me smile, and these folks have several of those.

  32. Lily Kwan says

    Your dog is so cute! Thanks for the interesting and informative review.

  33. the doggie shrt are great and tehn i would love to gethem fr my dog


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