Cheap Eats – Fill Your Stomach Without Emptying Your Wallet {Guest Post}

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Going out to eat is a little luxury that many people indulge in. There’s something satisfying about eating a meal that someone else has prepared for you — and in knowing it’s not your responsibility to clean up. Unfortunately, these services are not free, and very rarely cheap. That doesn’t mean you should give up on going out. Being frugal doesn’t mean avoiding restaurants. Here are three tips to enjoy a meal out that won’t break the bank.

Purchase and use the Entertainment Book

As its name suggests, the Entertainment Book provides coupons and discounts on entertainment activities, including eating out. explains that the book itself ranges from $20 to $45. You’ll quickly recoup the initial cost with a few purchases, plus you’ll gain the satisfaction of supporting a local cause. The coupons in the book are good for 15 months (from August through the following November), and there are numerous restaurants to choose from. Rather than picking your favorite restaurant, you’ll have to plan your night out for one of the eateries in the book, but there’s a good chance you’ll find several you like well. It’s always an adventure to try new eateries, too.

Check online for coupons

If you have a restaurant you want to go to, recommends that you search online for coupons for that specific restaurant. Coupons can sometimes be found on the restaurant’s website. Other restaurants may require you to sign up for an email list so that coupons and discounts may be sent directly to you. In addition, you should check out They provide $25 gift cards to a number of different restaurants, for a lower price, sometimes $10, but maybe even as low as $4.

Split your meal suggests that you share a large entrée with a friend. Many restaurants serve far more food than the ordinary person can (or should!) eat in a single sitting. Sharing is a good idea for your waistline and your wallet if you intend to split the bill as well. You may need to ask your server if you plan on splitting — some restaurants charge a small fee for the extra plate when two patrons share a meal.

Going out to eat does not have to be a budget-breaking activity. If you research ahead of time, you can find deals and discounts on food at some of your favorite restaurants. Start planning your next outing out with family or friends with the reassurance that you’ll enjoy a meal at a lower price.

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