Rielle Hunter and John Edwards Split. Oh, And It’s Your Fault. #dramallama

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards split…

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So, apparently John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have broken up and that is apparently mine and your fault. Hunter tells George Stephanopoulos, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve had a lot of media scrutiny. It’s complicated and it’s hard. It wears you down after a while.” The article goes on to tell how Edwards and Hunter broke up after being “worn down by the scrutiny” of the general public and the media.

P.S. The will do anything for a photo op very reclusive Hunter just released a tell all book last week.

{There are lots of things that I would like to say on this subject, but this is a family blog and I will keep them to myself}


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  1. Oh you can’t be a homewrecking mistress to a politician and expect there not to be media scrutiny. I mean, she did it for the fame, the media scrutiny, the chance to be a household name — if her name wasn’t so idiotic and hard to remember.


    gag me! lol

  3. Darn…this is a family friendly blog and NOTHING I could say would be remotely close to family friendly 🙂 Her comments just continue to show how selfish she is – as most cheaters/mistresses are. ***SIGH***

    • Selfish sense of entitlement. Exactly. She even says something about how no one understand how any of them feel, including Elizabeth Edwards. 1) Where she gets off talking for Elizabeth is beyond me and 2) shut up, we are really not buying this, “I care about Elizabeth’s feelings,” facade.


  4. Ridiculous!! I’m so over the both of them!! The poor child is the one that suffers

  5. That’s absolutely ridiculous. What did she expect? I’ll be happy when her 5 minutes of fame are up.

    • Me too. However, something tells me we will be seeing her on reality TV soon. She has already posed half nude, she has already written a tell all. What is left for someone like her?


  6. Okay, this is my first comment ever on these two as I have not followed them, I did not follow them because cheaters and the ones they cheat with are not worth my time to be honest, I have no respect for either no matter who they are. I will only say that I feel bad for any of the innocent parties involved, be it the children or the spouse that trusted someone. That is all I can say on this being that this is a family friendly blog!

    • You are like me. There is only so much you can say. I think we all think the same thing, though.


  7. Yep, total blame here. Has nothing to do with the chicken-**** man or the trashy woman. They make my skin crawl.

  8. Oh, gawd… she annoys me beyond belief. And her blaming Elizabeth Edwards for John cheating is just laughable!

  9. Emily Ploch says:

    This is so sad. He is a sick man.

  10. Oh the drama! Sheesh some people!