Hate To Dress Up? Why Not Move To Alaska? {Sponsored Post}

Alaska ~

Does my coat match my boots? Image Credit: Clark James Mishler

Anchorage, Alaska residents are just not that well dressed. At least that is what one survey is saying. Anchorage barely beat out Salt Lake City, Utah as having the least fashion forward individuals. According to Alaskans, of course, the residents of Salt Lake City dress far worse.

Travel and Leisure conducted a poll in which readers could rank the supposed fashion sense of 35 cities. One economist claims that the reason that Alaskans rank so low is not due to the economy, as Alaskans have a higher than average median income, but that Alaskans are more comfortable in their own skin and feel freer to express themselves as they so choose. Also, as one might expect, Alaska’s climate {which is harsher than many cities also on the poll} is not conducive to wearing heels, or dressing up for a night on the town. Alaskans are more typically seen in large coats that do not accentuate curves and fur-lined boots that keep the feet warm {frostbite isn’t very fashion forward either, in my opinion}.

I think that it is a little unfair to compare Anchorage to places like Baltimore and Dallas, that were cities also on the list. These cities have higher average temperatures and naturally people would dress differently for their respective city’s climate. I think this poll is essentially comparing places that are non-comparable {as far as clothing options go, anyway}. Though many people may like many of the cities on the list, none of them are the same – how would you even compare them? Dallas and Anchorage have about as much in common as oranges do with apples.

This would be like me asking you to rate the average life expectancy for someone of today versus someone of the 1800s. Um, no. The 1800s were rife with disease and lean on the meds. Anchorage is rife with the “brrr” and lean on the high heels {for obvious reasons}.

Here’s a thought. Just because Alaskans have a higher than average income, that doesn’t mean they want to spend it all in one day. Perhaps they want to save a buck or two as well. I know I do. Like many people, I love name brand items but I won’t spend my mortgage trying to get them. I can imagine that shopping is difficult when you live on a peninsula, as well. That is why I love internet shopping where I can quickly find a promotion code that saves me money on things like food, gift cards, and yes, even clothes!

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