1,000 Words – 1,000 Legs! #wordlesswednesday

What would you do if you found THIS in your basement?

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  1. Eeeekk! I would have a heart attack! I have seen these in our garden, they are, for the lack of a better term… UGLY. 🙂

    • I had no idea what this thing was….we found it in 2010 and I posted it to my Facebook…it seems that most of my friends didn’t know what it was, either…I am guessing it’s a centipede?


  2. Yuck. I would probably just leave it for the husband to take care of.

  3. I found one of those in my slipper once. I felt something trying to tickle my toes. When I took off my slipper, the darn thing plopped out. I think they could have heard me scream for ten miles!

    • Oh my gosh! I am freaking out just thinking about that! I would have thrown that slipper out the window and ran a mile away to make sure I was away from it, lol!


  4. I don’t know WHAT that is but it makes me glad we don’t have a basement!!!

  5. ewwww….I would have called my son to see it and then STOMPED it!!

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaah!!

  7. I am not sure what that thing is, but I do know if I found one I would call the exterminator and have my house and property sprayed. While I do not like chemicals, I also do not like creepy nasty looking things crawling around either ahahaha! Nevertheless, I would rather find it in my basement than my slipper like Dawn. That would put me in a loony bin and drunken stupor for sure!

    • I know right! I would have freaked out! Oh, and my husband sprayed around the house WELL after that! YUCK!


  8. oh gosh YUCK!!

    when i was 16, i opened a drawer in my room and a ton of these things came out. the house we rented was falling apart and we quickly got out of there!!

  9. I’d scream and wait for my husband to dispose of it Yuck!

  10. My son would have picked it up and played with it :/

  11. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Thanks.