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I recently got the pleasure of reviewing Striped Shirt. Striped Shirt is a company that produces, you guessed it, striped shirts. But these striped shirts are not like any other you have seen or own. For one, they are super soft and stretchy, and oh so comfy! They also don’t have those pesky tags in the bag that make me want to scream. They have a cool little imprint with their website address!

Striped Shirt has tons of colors and sizes to choose from. They even come in baby sizes! Awww! My teen daughter chose black/gray and blue/red.

My daughter says that “they are very good quality, stretchy and thick and they are also very flattering and fashionable.” I think she looks very pleased with her shirts! She is going to an Atlanta Braves this week and she is planning to wear the Striped Shirt pictured below! That will be perfect!

I also especially loved the little striped shirt on the bottom right of the shirt! I think this is a cute little touch – I love the attention to detail!

Buy it!

Their shirts are also very affordable, at $19.99 each, you can buy one for you and your little ones! They also have a poll on the left of their homepage where you can vote on what color combinations you would like to see in the future. Shipping is super cheap at only $3 per shirt and they conveniently accept Paypal. You guys know that I love cheap and convenient! Shipping is also super fast – I received my order within just a few days of ordering. :)

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  1. Jennifer Clay says:

    Oh! I am really liking these shirts! I love super comfy shirts! Thanks for sharing your review!!

  2. I like how affordable they are!

  3. I love the idea of these shirts! Hope I can win one for myself and my son!

  4. Karen Joyce says:

    LOVE that they are stretchy!!!

  5. Karina Lee says:

    very cute

  6. awesome shirts!!

  7. Julie Gurley says:

    Cute shirts. And, more importantly, they do look comfy

    • My daughter says they are so comfy! I felt the material – VERY soft! I was quite impressed. :)


  8. Alisha H. says:

    They do look really figure flattering and cute!

    • I think so, too! Some people say horizontal striped make you look bigger but I don’t think these shirts do at all. :)


  9. diane manns says:

    I like all of the different color combos the choose from :)

  10. desiree (@desitheblonde) says:

    i like the colors i would love to get themfor my duaghter for the holidays

  11. Chelsey says:

    I love the look of these shirts! Definitely up my alley, and affordable too.

  12. I don’t think $23 is cheap, but they do look nice

    • I agree with you to a certain extent. $23 isn’t cheap if you are getting a crappy shirt from a discount store that will last 5 washes, tops, lol! I really do think this is a very good quality shirt that will last for quite some time though. You definitely have to take that into account. :)


  13. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    I love that they are “stretchy and thick”. They are very cute!

  14. I love these. Thanks for the review. What a great idea. Not too pricey either!

  15. Lizzi Grimes (Coupon Lizzi) says:

    They look so comfy! I love the maroon and gray!

  16. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I like this shirt. It’s classic and looks super comfortable.

  17. Rebecca Wood says:

    I love these. They look so comfy!

  18. Kian Smith says:

    they look so comfortable!!

  19. Margot C says:

    There is something always so flattering about a classic stripped shirt.

  20. wendy g says:

    love these, great idea

  21. yuliya galbina says:

    this is the most simple amazing idea ever

  22. Sandy VanHoey says:

    These are so cute. The redwhite ones remind me of when my children were little and their grandmother made all the grandchildren matching pajamas that were the red/white stiped. I love these!

  23. love the colors and so glad there is no tag!

  24. Teresha says:

    I <3 these shirts! I want my family to wear them for our Christmas photo

    • That would be really cool! Might I suggest the red and white for that! You would look very festive for the holiday!


  25. Jacki M says:

    These look comfortable and even though they don’t have the color combo for my team I don’t mind and would wear it as an everyday shirt.

  26. chrissy iacovelli says:

    Love these shirts!

  27. these are really cute… I would love to see our school colors purple & white for a color choice

  28. Alicia Ransom says:

    I like that the shirts have no tag and that they are stretchy. Really like the Cranberry & Grey combo.

  29. these look cute and comfy

  30. I want the red and white shirts… Love the no tags…

  31. I like that these striped shirts are soft and comfy and no tags that are scratchy!!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  32. I also love the little striped shirt on the bottom of the shirt. I like outside labels, especially for things that aren’t “familiar” to people, or for handmade/custom items. I have loved these cute tees since I first saw them about 8 mos ago! Thanks for the review & GA!

  33. Jennifer Metz says:

    I love the little striped shirt logo on the shirt! And the fact that they are tagless and affordable. Great review!

  34. amy tolley says:

    love the review these shirts look very comfortable and love the color mixes of them…and how affordable….thanks for this review..

  35. nikki lazarus says:

    would love to win and get to have matching shirts with my baby girl

  36. Laurel C says:

    These are so cute and classy!

  37. They look great! I now want one…or maybe two. :)

  38. christine jessamine says:

    i love these shirts, they also make family photos fun!

  39. carol roberts says:

    reminds me of freddy kruegar i hate these shirts but i like the blue stiped one i know bad movie experence still 20 ys later i hate it oooooeeee nice give away love ur blog

    • Lol! Don’t get the green and red one then…incidentally, my daughter got a Miss Kreuger outfit for Halloween! I will have a review of it on the blog soon. Be sure to look for it. :P



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