Just Jewelry by Maria Himes {Sponsored Review}

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These Just Jewelry by Maria Himes products were reviewed by my teen daughter and here are her thoughts. 🙂

A few days ago I got the opportunity to get some wonderful jewelry from this great website, Just Jewelry, by Maria Himes. Finding the jewelry on the website was a very easy process. They have a wonderful catalog that is easy to look through to find the unique jewelry that satisfies your personal taste. As you scroll through the catalog, you will see that they have everything from modern to unique fun styles! I, personally, had a hard time choosing between all the great, stylish, things to pick from.

One of the pieces I picked was a cute Breast Cancer Awareness charm bracelet. This silver and pink bracelet is really fashionable; and on top of all that, it raises awareness for a cause that we all know is pretty important. I mean, why not look cute while informing people? The first day I wore this bracelet, it caught many peoples’ attention. Some even asked where I had purchased it! Breast Cancer Awareness is a huge trend right now, and thankfully, many people are really willing to purchase things to get the word out there. People are even more willing to buy something that is super-cute! Raising awareness is a tough job…so why not look exquisite while doing it?

Another piece of jewelry I picked was a fantastic black, white, and silver ring. This ring is decorated with lovely flowers that will catch anyone’s attention! It caught my eye because it is unique and a really cute accessory to add to your outfit to spice things up. Even when you are wearing an outfit that shows no personality, just add this ring for just the right finishing touch.

The last piece of jewelry I picked was a divine, yet funky, black and silver bracelet. It caught my eye mainly because of the radiant heart that lies in the center of it. This would also be another piece of jewelry that I, myself, would add to a boring or everyday outfit to really add a unique finish. This bracelet is delightful enough that it can be worn to an elegant occasion, such as a wedding, or to an everyday occasion, such as school.

All these admirable pieces are enticing and built to last. If none of the pieces I picked are your style, DON’T WORRY, there are many, many other dazzling pieces in the catalog that fit every unique and individual style.

I must say I am very happy with my choices and would advise anyone looking for a way to spice up their wardrobe, to look through this excellent catalog and go wild! I might also add that although their pieces of jewelry are exquisite, you might also find that the prices are too!

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