Save Money On Car Insurance In 3 Easy Steps {Sponsored Post}

Save Money On Car Insurance ~

Gaining cheap car insurance does not mean that you have to opt for barely any protection. There are a number of companies offering affordable fully comprehensive insurance. The trick is gaining those cheap quotes and here are the steps to take.

Compare the Quotes

The last thing that you should do is take your current insurance quote to be the cheapest option; chances are that it is not. As soon as you get your renewal quote through the door, start searching online for a cheaper rate. There are plenty of price comparison websites to help you, which will give you the chance to put your details in once and search many different companies at the same time – saving you a lot of time!

Not all insurance providers are on price comparison websites so take the time to visit those that you know of but do not see. It is possible that they will be able to offer you a better rate to help you save money on car insurance as they are bypassing the third party comparison websites.

Contact Companies Directly

Save money on car insurance by contacting the companies directly. This will give you the chance to talk to a person and offer more information about your driving. It will also give you the chance to bypass the third parties and the commission they charge insurance providers – some of which allow that commission to be added to your quote!

While contacting the companies directly, ask about discounts that they offer. Some companies will offer student discounts or lower rates for those who have completed further driving training, such as Pass Plus. This is also a good chance to find out about the things that will affect your quote.

Save Money by Making Changes

You can make changes to your vehicle to help you save money on car insurance. The best thing to do is to add more security. A better alarm system will mean that your vehicle is harder to steal, while a tracker will mean that it is easier to find your vehicle after it has been stolen. This is a great way to prevent having to make a claim on your insurance so the providers are willing to offer cheaper quotes.

You can also make changes to where you park your car. Instead of opting for the street, park your car in your garage or driveway, if you have one. It is harder to steal a car parked in a garage overnight while it is harder for other drivers to crash into your car if it is in a driveway. If you do not have space but a neighbor does, then why not rent their driveway or garage to help save you money.

However, there are some changes that will not be beneficial and should be avoided. Anything that makes your car more appealing to thieves will mean that the quote for your policy will increase and you will not save money on car insurance. This includes alloy wheels and surround sound systems. If companies believe they will have to pay out, they will counter that by making you pay more to save them money.

There are a number of ways to save money on car insurance without losing out on cover. The above steps should be taken every time your cover is up for renewal. While it will take time, it is worth it to save you up to hundreds of pounds on your policies.

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