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Nerds Shall Inherit The Earth ~

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I was reading on Yahoo! News today about how “nerds” are now being treated like rock stars. They are being enticed into taking jobs with nice perks such as limo rides and high salaries (seriously, Yahoo! seems to be insinuating that a high salary is a “perk”). Large firms are actively recruiting these fledgling techies just like a a sports team might recruit a star athlete.

I think it’s about time that so-called “nerds” are getting the admiration that they deserve. Most of these super intelligent people have worked very hard to get where they are and I have no idea why someone would look down on someone else, simply because they are talented. Furthermore, I have no idea why our culture would idolize someone like Snookie who is famous simply for being tan, on MTV and having a personality and lifestyle that stretches far beyond our societal norms, yet look down upon someone who has their choice between Harvard and Cornell simply because they made different choices in their teens than other peers.

As this brilliant group of individuals jumps out into the workforce, they will need lots of support. Yes, they will probably earn lots more money than the average person, but they will still be looking to furnish their new high dollar homes, looking for laptops for sale, and other pricey items such as furniture and cars. It’s really hard to start with nothing when you leave college and I am glad that many will get the appreciation that they deserve for their hard work and countless hours of studying. Perhaps if there were more “nerds”, maybe our economy wouldn’t be where it is today!

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  1. I totally agree with you. It’s time we stopped glorifying people who do nothing of value in society, and instead applaud and support those who help to run it!

  2. I so agree with this! It’s crazy how we watch Paris Hilton and the Kardashians! And yet, brilliant people get no acknowledgment! I talk to my 13 year old son about this all the time!