What’s For Dinner? Easy Baked Macaroni and Cheese! #whatsfordinner


I have a tried and true recipe for Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese that I make every year for Christmas. My daughter absolutely loves it. So, I wanted to make her some macaroni and cheese but not have to deal with the amount of time it takes to cook in the slow cooker. So, I altered the recipe a little and made it oven friendly. Although, in our opinion, this macaroni and cheese isn’t quite as good as the slow cooker variety, it is still very good. :)


1 box (16 ounces) cooked pasta (I used shells)

1 can evaporated milk

1 can skim milk (use the evaporated milk can to measure)

8 cups shredded cheese (I switch kinds occasionally, this time I used Colby Jack and Cheddar)

*1 egg (optional – I don’t think it makes much of a difference, either way)

*breadcrumbs (optional)



Preheat oven to 350. Spray inside of the dish you will be using in the oven with Pam Non-Stick Spray. I used my Corning Vision Glassware and it worked wonderfully for this recipe. Combine all ingredients (except for breadcrumbs) in a bowl and then pour in the oven dish. Sprinkle breadcrumbs over mixture. Cook for 1 hour at 350. Voila!


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  1. Yum! Sounds wonderful. Have you ever tried gouda or fontina cheese with the cheddar? It’s delicious!

    • I haven’t. But I sure will try it! I have tried it with Mexican Blend and Mozzarella, though. I think a few others. I also have crumbled feta on top, too. They are all good. :)


  2. This looks AWESOME! Pinning it!

  3. Sounds so good.. I have never considered adding egg.. I add some cream cheese to make it softer though..

    • Ooh, cream cheese. I might try that next time. I love cream cheese. How much do you add, generally?


  4. We love making baked macaroni in this house! Looks soo yummy.

  5. Would love the slow cooker version, PLEASE!

  6. That seems easy enough

  7. Rachel Clewell says:

    This looks so delicious. Mac and cheese is a must in our house, I will have to try this one!

  8. Looks yummy! I am defin interested in the slow cooker one too! My kids are mac n cheese fiends!!!

  9. Delicious!
    Thanks for linking up to Artistic Tuesday

  10. OMG looks super yummy!

  11. That looks SO good! My husband would love that I’m sure – thanks for sharing the recipe!

  12. Okay, I am going to try this tomorrow night.

  13. Sounds delicious. I love homemade mac n cheese. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Def not something I can eat but looks so good!

  15. This looks really good! Thank you for sharing

  16. We love macaroni and cheese. I never really thought of making it in the slow cooker tho.
    Sometimes we do bake it tho. Thanks for sharing the recipe . The more ways to make macaroni and cheese the better. I’m sure the evaporated milk makes it creamer but I probaly wont tell them that its in it – they might not try it. I sometime prefer a sharper cheese in mine with stewed tomatoes on the side. – YUM

    • I change the cheese around and use different kinds when I make it. :) I like it with sharper cheese, too! My husband loved macaroni {plain} and tomatoes. I am not sure I ever ate that until I met him – it’s really good. :)


  17. i love new recipies for mac n cheese…will give yours a try! thanks!

  18. sara m ford says:

    my kids love Mac and cheese I will be making this for them tomorrow night thank you looks so yummy

  19. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    this recipe sounds really good, thanks for sharing

  20. I might try this with panko breadcrumbs instead. It looks tasty!

  21. Macaroni and cheese is an all favorite. I like to experiment with different types of cheese. The more the better. Thanks for this recipe.

  22. yummy I love Mac & Cheese

  23. Mahdi Martin says:

    I have never heard of slow cooker macaroni, I’ll have to check that out! Meanwhile, I love making baked macaroni, and I’ve never tried using evaporated milk. I always use heavy cream, but I’m sure this would be a lot healthier. If macaroni and cheese can be healthy, that is!


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