What Inspires You?

What Inspires You ~

Today I was reading over Evolution Parenting and clicked on “Inspire” on the Menu. I really love this category on Evolution Parenting. I especially liked of the posts about books. As most of you know I am doing a reading challenge this year. I have challenged myself to read 60 books for Goodreads’ 2012 Reading Challenge. I am on book #15 for this year so far and, admittedly, I have gotten kind of lazy on this one. However, Goodreads states that I am still “on track” so I guess I am doing okay. 🙂

Image Credit: Evolution Parenting

I also found this picture pretty hilarious!  It reminds me of a sign that I have in my kitchen that says, “I am the boss, and my wife gave me permission to say so!” You should have seen my husband’s face when I bought it. 😉 And, of course, my husband is an inspiration to me, as well as my daughter. 🙂

I was looking through some baby pictures earlier this week and found this ultra cute picture of my daughter when she was 3-ish. She was really embarassed when I posted it on Facebook, so I may as well post it here, too, right? She never looks at this blog anyway (“It’s for OLD people, mom!) so it can be our little secret. 😉

I also get really inspired by my dogs. Mostly they inspire me to take naps because they are so cute and cuddly, but that’s still inspiration, right? Meet Daisy. Daisy liked to walk around in circles and hang her treats out of her mouth like she thinks they are cigars. She is really silly and extra snuggly. 🙂 She also likes to give you the side eye when you get to close to her with the camera when she has a treat. Anyone have any idea what type of dog she is?

Meet Puppy. Yes, Puppy is his name. Yes, I know it’s really original. 😛 He is the sweetest little thing ever. He likes to sit on my shoulder like he thinks he is some kind of parrot or something. 🙂 And, when I am in my office on the computer, I have a pillow behind my back between me and the chair and I will give you one guess who crawls down and sits on that pillow! Crazy dog!

So, I have told you what inspires me! What inspires you?

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  1. My kids inspire me! When my daughter says that I’m her best friend, or when my son puts his arms around me and says he loves me, it makes me want to be a better person for them.


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