Composed by Rosanne Cash {Book Review}

Composed by Rosanne Cash ~

This is definitely one of the better autobiographies I have read, and I have read quite a few. In some, it seems like the author penned the book for the soul purpose of getting a final jab in at someone or to make sure their side is heard (as it seems as though their side will differ greatly from everyone else’s). I don’t get that from reading this book.

Rosanne Cash tells about her life, from being a product of a highly publicized divorce as a child to enduring and living through her family’s addiction problems. She tells about her rise to fame and her unique perspective from trying to do that while being compared to a far more famous father. She also recalls going through her own highly publicized divorce with Rodney Crowell while under the watchful (stalker) eye of the paparazzi. Finally, she recalls her painful brain surgery, her difficult recovery and the deaths of many of her loved ones (including her parents) in just a few short years. I literally could not put this book down, although the last couple of chapters before the one about her brain surgery are kind of draggy, in my opinion. The rest of the book flew by! If you are looking for one of the “tell-all” type autobiographies, I don’t think this one is it. But, if you are genuinely interested in the Cash family, I think you will greatly enjoy this book.

*Composed by Rosanne Cash was purchased by me. I received no monetary compensation for this review, nor was I asked to write it. My opinions are entirely my own. :)

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